The order management problems of manual systems in manufacturing environments and the solutions offered by WireManager
The problems of manual systems that are faced in a wire processing environment without the WireManager :

The Problems of the manual system:

  • Orders need to be charged with order checks (papers). There are several problems with it :
    • Paper is tearable and needs lots of trees that are becoming to extinct in nature.
    • It can be lost and time is wasted to find the machine that a specific order check was charged before. (time is money)
    • It can intentionally be hidden by the employees for use in a later shift. Because orders with a big number of quantity (these are good orders) increase the operators' personal efficiencies. This is because that they only need to make one or two adjustments (that could be less in other machines otherwise) for the good orders in a shift and they enjoy the personal efficiency for the rest of the time. Although the personal efficiencies are higher for some of the employees, the manufacturing suffers from overall efficiency. (a human-like problem)
    • In either case (lost or hidden), when the order checks are not found, their corresponding orders are re-opened and processed in the following days. This causes double processing of the orders when the original checks are found or taken off the pocket. Stocks pile up (waste resources), setup times increase, excess labor costs occur. Eventually efficiency decreases.
    • It takes time to find the order check of an urgent order.
    • It takes time to print the order checks which brings overtime work and causes some delay while charging the orders to the machines.
  • Operators choose the best order for themselves not for the setup time optimization
  • It takes too long (several hours) to sort the orders to have lower Setup Times. (This is where always computers are allocated and so is the WireManager).
  • The manual entry of the production data takes too long and is an unnecessary labor cost. This makes it impossible for the stock information to keep up with the actual data.
  • Operators may be mistaken with the color codes written on the order checks.

The Solutions to the manual problems offered by WireManager :

  • Network environment is used instead of the order checks and :
    • Paper costs are eliminated
    • It cannot be lost. The orders are stored in the computers (Server and Client). They can easily be found in the database (if the supervisor needs to search for).
    • It can not be hidden, the operators are not authorized to change the rank of the orders or delete them. Human-like problems are completely eliminated in this way.
    • Since the orders are always in the system and processed only one time, no double processing occurs, stock levels, setup times, and related labor costs decrease. Eventually efficient increases.
    • Supervisor can easily find any urgent order by making a search in the database using the WireMonitor program.
    • The orders are charged to the machines (WireOperator) with a network. The time needed to print the order checks and the related labor costs are gained back.
  • Operators will only be able to process the first order in the order list. This maintains a predefined and unchanging list of optimized order list.
  • The orders are optimized for the Setup Times in several minutes which itself increases the overall efficiency by 3-5%. (Setup Times decrease 10-20%). Time needed for sorting orders and labor costs are gained back.
  • The production data is transferred back to the host with the network. Time needed for manual data entry and labor costs are gained back.
  • The color of the cable is displayed on the operator screen (WireOperator). Flashing indicators are used for special cables. This decreases the possibility to misperception. The changes needed between each subsequent orders are also displayed on the operator screen.

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