The WireOperator (Operator Programı)
The third component of WireManager is the WireOperator which is the client side of the system. Operators log on to the WireOperator and see the detailed information about the orders they should process. The name of the Operator also appears on the screen during his session and each operator logs on to the program using his own password.

The Screenshot of the WireMonitor
The WireOperator screen is full of order information used by the operator. Only the first three orders are presented to the operator. The operator can see the detail information (Part No, Color, cross-section, etc.) of the selected order. The box at the right bottom corner of the screen represents the status of the connection between the WireServer and the WireOperator. The operator can easily see the time elapsed since the begin of the shift and the begin of the order. At the end of each order being processed, the operator enters the good and bad quantities for the order.

Off-line work
The most important feature of the WireOperator is that it can run off-line. This means that the WireOperator is not depended on the real-time existence of the WireServer. Whether the WireServer is not on-line or it has crashed because of an error does not affect the WireOperator. This is accomplished by having the order information stored in the local database of the WireOperator. The WireOperator both saves the order activities to its local database and sends them to the WireServer. This method provides that all the information on the WireServer and the WireOperator databases are synchronized.

Graphical Operator Screen

Operators can follow the order information easily and can easily consider which changes to make in order to process the next order. The list of some of the information that can be seen on the WireOperator screen is as follows :

  • order number
  • rank
  • length
  • seal match-code
  • contact match code
  • crimp height
  • isolation length
  • etc.

The operator also sees the list of the changes which should be made in order to process the next order. The operators name, machine number are also some of the information that appear on the WireOperator screen. The program expects only a few input from the user. When finishing the order, the operator has to fill the values for good and bad quantities of the order process. On the screen the operator can follow the time it has taken during his session to the WireOperator and the time elapsed since he started processing the order. These information are sent first to the WireServer and then to the host where it is used for calculating the efficiency of the operator.

Machine Information
Using the menus on the operator program there is also the opportunity to view detailed information about the cable cutting machine and its database. These information include the network address of the machine, its number, production date, rent date, type, the related firm with the machine and etc. The database information consists of the numbers of finished orders, the orders that will be processed, number of activities that have been sent to the Server and also the number of activities that have not been sent to the Server yet. The database information also includes explanation about the record counts in the WireOperator database.

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