The Pre-Accounting module is used to track the company's cash flow, expenses, earnings, supplier accounts, bank accounts, etc. to have an idea about the financial situation. The module is not a complete Accounting package that can fulfill an accountant' s sophisticated operations, instead it helps a small or mid-sized company to have an idea of its operations from financial perspective. The Pre-Accounting has the following windows to help the user enter his account data, invoices, cash transfers, payments and receivings.
Account number format :
The Accounts are defined in Accounts window shown on the left. The user needs to define the Account according to the X-X-X-X-X format. This format is used to create a tree of accounts up to 5 levels. In order to create a sub account, it is enough to use the parent account's Account Number and add "-X" after it. (Example : Parent Account : 12-01 Financial Expenses, A child account can be : 12-01-01 Bank commisions)

Account Types
The Accounts are created in 5 predefined account types. Cash/Bank account type is used for cash account, accounts in banks, owner's capital, VAT account etc. The user defines an account for every client and use it while entering invoices. Supplier accounts are used for Suppliers that the company purchases services and goods. Their invoices are entered into the system using Supplier type of accounts. The Income and Expense type of accounts help the user to track the monthly revenues and expenses of the company.

Account Currency
The Accounts can be defined in any currency that is defined previously by the user.

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